DEMURE ✔ (Re-edited )

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DEMURE ✔ (Re-edited )

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Ranking #961- cry ( July 30 2019) #811-weird Tinley is an innocent. She smiles at odd situations and hide her sadness by smiling widely. and she neither born in a hospital nor a house. it was hard to say that garbage. her parents didn't want a girl child and did this. but that kid never failed to smile even when she had nothing to smile for. Asher Leroy is a cold , hot, billionaire. everything a woman wants. Well he doesn't spare his eyes to woman's as he is workaholic. and a situation arises where both meet. fights . crying. and drama happen. and will she other feeling develop??????? add this book to your reading list and read what happens people.!!!!!!!!!!!! EDITING ON PROGRESS!!!

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